Meet Our Instructors

Saichand Satyavarapu

 Saichand Satyavarapu Saichand Satyavarapu has over 12 years of experience supporting the pharmaceutical industry as a Statistical Programmer. Satyavarapu has worked in various roles at MMS, and he currently holds the title of Manager of Statistical Programming for MMS. Under his leadership, the Statistical Programming team has grown significantly. One of his key responsibilities has been to ensure that onboarding, training, and mentoring for statistical programming continue to maintain high levels of quality at both the Bangalore and Hyderabad locations. 

He has performed extensive SAS programming activities throughout his career to support both study and submission level tasks, including utilization and application of SDTM and ADaM CDISC standards. Satyavarapu has worked on various therapeutics such as CNS, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Rheumatology throughout his career. Satyavarapu has contributed to programming standards to maximize efficiencies, which included the development of global macros. He holds a PGCRCDM (Post Graduation in Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management) from Goa University.