Meet Our Instructors

Chris Hurley, MBA

 Chris Hurley Chris Hurley has worked in the industry since 1990, starting as a contract SAS programmer in the Clinical Data Management department at Warner Lambert/Parke-Davis, which later was acquired by Pfizer. At Pfizer, Chris moved to Clinical Reporting Systems where he worked on statistical programming and data standards projects.

In 2007, Chris started working on the CRO side of the business where he spent three years at i3 Statprobe, in Ann Arbor. Since 2010, Chris has been manager of Clinical Programming and Biostatisticians at MMS Holdings Inc., Canton, Michigan, USA. Chris has supported many statistical programming projects at major pharmaceutical companies. Chris has also provided leadership support as was evident when he was assigned to help develop a data anonymization solution for a major pharma company. Together, with a small team from the sponsor and MMS Holdings, Chris helped develop global standards, SOPs, software and validation for this important initiative.

Chris started volunteering for PHUSE in 2013 as a co-chair for a Single Day Event (SDE). In 2014, Chris stepped up to contribute as US Events Project Co-Lead where he helped plan and organize all US PHUSE SDEs. In 2015, Chris was added to the PHUSE Board as Director of US Events. In 2016, Chris assumed more responsibilities on the board in his current role as PHUSE Americas Director.