Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I supposed to go to take the final exam in Canvas?

All quizzes and exams are conducted online on Canvas. Writing assignments need to be completed by the students on their own and uploaded to Canvas to be graded. 

I received the link to the course last week but have not yet had the time to log in. Do the ten weeks for the course start as soon as I receive the link, or as soon as I log in and start accessing the content

The 10 weeks course will start when you log in / access the course for the 1st time.  

I work full time, what are the timings for classes?

The classes are 100% online. You can access your course at any time that is convenient to you. There are no fixed timings.  Many working students / professionals find that our courses provide adequate time to complete coursework, along with a full-time job.  

Can I talk / email to any of the instructors before I register for the course?

Yes. The MMSA administrator will connect you to the relevant instructors after you send out an email regarding your queries.

Do you provide internships and job placement?

Currently we are providing internships only in India geography, where students get an opportunity to get handson experience, based on the performance and the required eligibility. Placement assistance is also supported in India geography. 

What is the credibility of this assessment-based certificate program?

MMS is a reputable, global CRO with subject matter experts teaching the course and evaluating the assessments. An assessment-based certificate program demonstrates your credibility in having understood the course content thoroughly enough to be able to apply it in a practical setting. 

What is the payment policy?

The payment for each course is required at course initiation, after registration and prior to beginning of the first class. The mode of payment and course fees are detailed within each course during the registration process. 

What if I don’t pass? Will I be allowed to retake the test?

This is an assessment-based certificate program and you’re understanding, completion of the assessment is required for the certificate. You are allowed two attempts for quizzes, exams, and writing assignments. 

What time or duration is allowed for each course?

Course durations and other prerequisites or requirements are outlined in the course descriptions. 

Am I allowed to download the materials for offline viewing?

Handouts will be provided to students to refer to their specific course chosen. 

Am I allowed to request course extensions?

Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

How do I access the course? / Start a module?

Once you log into canvas, click on assigned course and you will be guided to the home page. Complete the welcome survey and then click on the syllabus to get the course introduction followed by the pre-exam module.  View the course content and click on the first module to start the course.  

Are there weekly submission deadlines that need to be met

Knowledge checks will be assessed through a quiz. Evaluation of written reports will be assessed through multiple assignments/exercises and will conclude with a final examination. A minimum of 75% is required to pass the final examination 

Approximately how many hours per week are required to complete the courses?

Students should be completing 2-3 modules a week to stay on track. So, 3-4 hours a week.  Some students can complete more in less time, but we found that this is the average time spent per week. 

Is the final examination timed, and what does it constitute (i.e. a series of quizzes followed by a written component)?

The final examination is timed along with quizzes. You will need to complete a written assignment, which is not timed and then be graded. 

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