Clinical Programming

Essential Fundamentals of Clinical Programming

This course is designed to provide a foundation of clinical knowledge and build real-world experience through practical examples of SAS programming.

This 10-week introductory course walks the aspiring programmer through high-level concepts related to clinical programming in the life sciences industry. The drug development process will be revealed through a programmer’s perspective to gain a basic understanding of what must be accomplished along the way.

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Intermediate Fundamentals of Clinical Programming

Intermediate Fundamentals of Clinical Programming is a course designed to increase knowledge of CDISC programming through practical examples of standard implementation.

This is an 8-week course designed for the intermediate SAS programmer wanting to learn more about the CDISC SDTM model. This course offers an in-depth review of the SDTM General Observation Class (Interventions, Events, and Findings) as they relate to targeted domains. For each specific general observation class, complex modeling examples will be studied. This course provides a broad understanding of the challenges in modeling clinical trial data when implementing the SDTM standards.

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Trial disclosures


In these unique courses, students will learn about the legal and ethical basis for trail disclosure and clinical trial protocols and results.


Medical Writing


These courses offer entry level medical professionals the fundamentals of medical coding and its application in clinical trial data sets.


Medical Writing


These courses are for the clinical and regulatory focused individuals in the pharmaceutical industry and allow you to apply your skills to almost any regulatory document.


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